About Emulation Collective

Emulation Collective is an assembly of experts in web-based emulation technology dedicated to ensuring vintage video games will be playable on modern computers using popular and widely deployed browser plug-ins, such as Oracle's Java Virtual Machine.

About Open Emulation Project

The Open Emulation Project was founded in 2006 to promote collaboration on open-source Java emulators, and has since transitioned into an organization devoted to providing documentation, utilities, and web hosting resources to emulator developers. In addition, Open Emulation Project maintains a library of video game cartridges for use on all of the Emulation Collective arcade websites.

About KryptonWare Solutions

KryptonWare Solutions, LLC., started the iConsole project in 2010 in an attempt to create a universal emulation platform in Java. The iConsole project is responsible for many breakthroughs in web-based emulation, such as the first SNES emulator that runs at full speed with sound support. KryptonWare Solutions is pursing other technical feats that will continue to redefine what is possible in the world of web-based emulation.