We are Emulation Collective

Emulation Collective is an assembly of experts in web-based emulation technology dedicated to ensuring vintage video games will be playable on modern computers using popular and widely deployed browser plug-ins, such as Oracle's Java Virtual Machine.

As we move towards newer technology, we risk losing valuable cultural artifacts stored on aging and obsolete technologies like the floppy disk, such as video games. The preservation of video games is a necessity as a cultural artifact, much like the preservation of vintage films and music. However, time is running out to preserve data stored on the most sensitive vintage electronics.

This is what the Emulation Collective partnership does. Open Emulation Project documents video game hardware and provides utilities and services for emulator developers. I-Console is bringing emulation to the browser, using the Java Runtime that works on a variety of computer platforms. As software as a service products like Google Docs become the norm, so must the way we access vintage technology. Using Java, nobody has to download emulators and ROMs - they can all be played online using the original game cartridges owned by Emulation Collective.